Coming Soon: New Air Bag Release

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The benchmark has just been raised again in air suspension.

Compare Our Air Bags

The Airbag and plates are the heart of your suspension system. They determine the performance, the life cycle, the robustness and the safety of your investment.

You can’t afford to take a risk so ask our competitors questions about their design and construction, get them to show you!

If you can’t get the answers that make you 100% comfortable its simple, don’t buy them. Its just not worth it!

At BOSS we don’t just tell you, we show you.

BOSS Air Suspension air bags are manufactured in our very own factory to our specifications. Built tough for Australasian conditions. Many other companies piece together air bag kits, they source their air bags from offshore suppliers having no control over the quality of the product, although they look good they can quickly deteriorate and the factories don’t enforce strict quality control like BOSS do. As a result this leads to inconsistency in the manufacturing process. That’s why they are NOT branded! BOSS Air bags did the opposite and invested time and money in setting up our own equipment and manufacturing practices. 

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