Boss Shock Absorbers

Boss 12 way adjustable shock absorbers are at the forefront of shock absorber technology. 100% oil filled with a closed cell foam insert ensure continued high performance under harsh conditions.

Why 100% oil filled as opposed to gas/oil? 

It all comes down to cost. Gas/Oil shocks are cheap to make because the nitrogen (which is one of the cheapest gases) takes the place of where oil should be (oil costs more).

If you pull one of these shocks apart you will notice there is only just enough to cover the piston and valve, once this small amount of oil gets hot it relies on the gas pressure to stop it aerating. The higher the gas pressure the more chance the shock will not work at all when it gets hot because the pressure forces the valves open. 

12 Adjustable Settings

Boss shocks are the only shocks with 12 adjustable settings for rebound dampening. This allows a huge range of adjustment for vehicle type, weight and other changing factors. The main purpose of a shock absorber is to control rebound dampening.

Different Lengths

Boss shocks are the only shocks in the world to offer 17 lengths to suit any vehicle. This is achieved by having female threads at each end allowing the customer to install any fittings needed at each end to suit the application. Once fitted the shock can be adjusted via the 12 way adjustment.

Twin Tube Design

Boss shocks are of twin tube design for several reasons, firstly the bypass tube for the rebound adjuster must return up the side of the shocks. Second is durability off road. Thirdly the second skin allows for more oil and finally it facilitates the closed cell insert.

What Else?

Boss Shocks use a 22mm hard chrome shaft, dual seals (wiper and oil) along with 50mm outer body. We have shock lengths up to 1000mm extended. We believe BOSS global to be the only company in the world to offer shocks this long.
Warranty is available on all shocks!
Boss global has also developed threaded 12 position adjustable dampening coil-over shocks for the IRS front suspensions found on Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford & many other 4x4 off-road vehicles and 2wd on-road vehicles.