Motorcycle Air Suspension

Comfort & Safety! Arnott air suspension kits are fully adjustable based on height and weight so riders can rest flat-footed while stopped, enjoy a more comfortable ride on long distance runs, riding two up or with luggage.


Conventional Spring and Shock tuning can be tedious and time-consuming..taking days or even weeks. With Arnott's onboard adjustability, tuning air suspension to your individual taste is often reduced to just a few minutes.


By Adjusting air pressure and shock valving, your ride can be smooth and comfortable, firm and rigid or somewhere in the middle. What makes Arnott air suspension unique is that you can alter the motorcycle's ride performance based on desired settings, all with existing components.


Air springs are normally progressive: as they compress they stiffen. Coupled with Arnott's onboard adjustability, setting your suspension according to specific driving conditions is quicker and faster, improving overall ride.