The Safest, Most Durable, Air Suspension Products On The NZ Market

Boss Air Bags - Leading the way in Air Suspension Technology

Why Choose Boss Air Bags?

Leading the way in bag sealing technology utilising forged rings and stamped top-plate assemblies to ensure long life. Removing the possibility of leaking airbags often found on "steel-crimp" style airbags.

Technically Advanced Construction

BOSS Air0bags are manufactured using the most technically advanced machinery and are tested far beyond any possibly real use scenario

Quality Control

One bag in every 100 is pressure tested to destruction within a controlled chamber. BOSS bags are tested to pressures exceeding 750psi by independent testing agencies which ensures that BOSS has some of the safest, if not he safest airbags on the market today.

Made By Boss

In 2005 BOSS commissioned it's own premises for air bag manufacturing. Over the years we've been able to make adjustments in our processes to produce a truly unique air bag, both in performance and durability.

BOSS load assist kits are easy to fit. Most simply bolt on using basic hand tools. Full Coil replacement airbag kits are also available for popular coil 4WDs & Sedans. By using the BOSS airbag and 6mm thick brackets, our load assist kits enable vehicles to carry the load they were intended to.

Everyone wants the fastest, the biggest the most reliable compressors but at the right price! Hows 170 litres per minute for fast? Other popular compressors just do not stack up to the BIG BOSS Compressor

BOSS Manufactures lightweight T6 heat treated aluminium air tanks. They come in a range of tank sizes, port configurations and port sizes. Sizes range from 2 litres through to 15 litres with extruded centre section and stamped ends.

BOSS on Board air kits allow you to control Load Assist kits from inside your vehicle. Pump them up or drop each side independently. Our larger kits (complete with compressor and aluminium air tanks) are ideal for Air Bag Suspension or for off-road vehicles wanting to use small air tools, as an air locker etc.